Our Clients' Stories

Donald is 87 years old with a shunt in his brain to drain excess fluid.

He enjoys painting landscapes, animals, and people. Throughout his home you can find amazing pieces of art he has painted just like the one seen here. Donald has been with MOWCC for two years and the meals have helped him to continue to live and function independently in his own home while maintaining a healthy diet.

Dorothy is a 90 year old woman who has been on our services for a year now. She was recommended for our services because her sons work all day and she cannot cook for herself. Since becoming a client of MOWCC, she has increased her vegetable and fruit intake, and is getting nutritious meals. All of these things have helped her maintain her individuality and allowing her to continue to stay at home, giving her sons peace of mind when they are not there.

What Our Clients' Have to Say

No one can tell their story better than they can. Here are a few things the seniors of Collin County have had to say about MOWCC.

Meals On Wheels is awesome!! Thanks for being an excellent part of our community. Being off my feet for months, Meals On Wheels has been a blessing.

With fond thanks,


Meals On Wheels,

Thank you very much for a wonderful year with food, gifts, and lovely people to give it to us.


Meals On Wheels staff,

We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity. Thank you for improving quality of life through your meals and great gift boxes.


I appreciate the meals and all the people involved in the Meals On Wheels program. Thank you 4 everything!


Always welcome with a wonderful meal
I can't complain - what a priceless deal!
The meals are all great, the greetings as well
The Thanksgiving box - it all is just swell!

Thank you so much


Dear Friends at Meals On Wheels,

We wish to thank you for all your hard work and dedication all these years. You have been so very good to us. We just can't thank you all enough. You all do a terrific job and we really appreciate it. You will be be rewarded for all your good work. You guys and gals are terrific. May God bless and watch over you wonderful, caring people.

-TW & NP

To Meals On Wheels (Angels in Disguise)

Thank you so much for the hot meals, which are delicious, and especially the two boxes of food and household items that were delivered. Most of the items we pass by in the store because we can't afford them. Your help is a great relief.